Japan : Haruka - Icoca

Kyoto Station 

We rode into Kyoto on the Haruka Limited Express with our Haruka – Icoca Ticket, a combo ticket that offers huge discounts for the Haruka Limited Express ride. The ticket allows you to ride on the Haruka Limited Express and any onward journey provided that you don’t leave the station for a mere 1000 JPY one way if you purchase the Return Ticket for 4000 Yen. The same condition apply for the return journey, you could take the train from Kobe to Shin-Osaka to take the Haruka to the airport without paying more too. 

Haruka Arrives Haruka 

Furthermore, the Icoca functions as an ez-link/ smart transit card with 2000 JPY worth of e-money that you could use on JR trains, city buses, subways and some private railways in Kyoto or Osaka. The limitation for this deal is the schedule of the Haruka which runs hourly, meaning if you miss the 1315 Haruka train, you had to take the 1415 one to make it worth it. 

Kyoto Station

Haruka - Icoca