Bangkok : Revisiting the Bhuthorn

The Bhuthorn - Bhuthorn Suite

5th December 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Bangkok, Thailand
During my short stopover in Bangkok in December 2010, I stayed at a captivating and charming Bed & Breakfast named the Bhuthorn, set up by two local architects, Direk and Chitlada Senghluang. When I revisited the city once again, I specially request for a tour of this beautiful shophouse and the management very graciously showed us around the shophouse.

The Bhuthorn - Windows

Unlike the facadism practised by conservations in Singapore, the Bhuthorn retained most of its original structure and materials like the paint on the ceiling to the load-bearing structure. These windows for example, were originally from other parts of building and put together on the second floor as a set of rotating windows.

The Bhuthorn - Courtyard

For the rest of the story, I shall let the photographs do the talking.

The Bhuthorn - Bhuthorn Suite

The Bhuthorn Suite, located on the second floor of the guesthouse.

The Bhuthorn - Nara Suite

The Nara Suite is located on the second floor as well and it is a duplex with mezzanine level where the bed is.

The Bhuthorn - Decor The Bhuthorn - Photographs

Old photographs and antiques found around the guesthouse gives the whole place an old world atmosphere.

The Bhuthorn - Orchids The Bhuthorn - Upstairs

96 – 98 Phraeng Bhuthorn Rd.,
San Chao Phor Seua, Phra Nakhorn, Bangkok 10200 Thailand